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Tales of Bedlam

Sep 25, 2019

Join Tales of Bedlam for stories that will get you witchfully thinking of mommy. We will entertain you with 5 folk tales from the past granting you a fang-tastic time. Because life is gourd Sofa Sitter and Knob Twister will make it better.True story. And, we will save the best for last. The best tale for Halloween day. Listen each Thursday in October for ghoulish time. With a special guest… Wait for it… Wait for it… Mr. Death Hades will be joining us for an episode or two. So, waste not another minute. Tell your friends and family of this blue ribbon pumpkin of a podcast. And, have a bloody good Halloween...

Wondering what Tales of Bedlam is all about?

From the Bedroom Studios of Bricklebrit Inc, Micah and Dustin dive into a different story every week, searching for nuggets of hidden wisdom with a healthy dose of comedic commentary. 

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