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Tales of Bedlam

May 9, 2019

Tales of Bedlam is a Fairy Tale Audio Comedy.

Today's episode is void of all humility but spawned an egomaniac  T-shirt that you can buy on our website. Please, be aware that the words rooster and cock can be and are interchangeable. Yet, if you find our feathered fowl to be offensive then please try another of our episodes. You have been warned. Dustin (aka Sofa Sitter) has struck again with his choice of Grimm's Fairy Tale today. Have a listen too "Doctor Know All".

Wondering what Tales of Bedlam is all about?

Tales of Bedlam is a podcast started in July 2018 by two introverts looking to inject a little humor and hopefully a bit of education into the fairytales collected by the brothers Jakob and Wilhem Grimm in the early 1800s.

With some listener feedback, we have recently decided to expand beyond the just the Brothers Grimm tales and are incorporating worldwide fairytales and folklore.

These tales, that were originally passed down orally from generation to generation, imparting worldly morals, are a fascinating look at a bygone era.

From the Bedroom Studios of Bricklebrit Inc, Micah and Dustin dive into a different story every week, searching for nuggets of hidden wisdom with a healthy dose of comedic commentary.

Find out more about us on our website.